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Chestnut Instant Bronzing Lotion is a new tanning lotion that allows for a few minutes a nice even tan on your bodyto make.
"Instantly Sunkissed"
Why Chestnut Instant Bronzing Lotion?

  • Instant tan / brown without sun
  • Does not, and does not smudge on your clothes
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Good basis for Makeup
  • Very easy to apply
  • washable

Do you want to quickly turn brown?

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Chestnut Instant Bronzing Lotion

Are you as excited about Chestnut Instant Bronzing Lotion and you will quickly and easily tanned order here Chestnut Instant Bronzing Lotion.

Bestellen chestnut-cosmetics.nl

Chestnut Instant Bronzing Lotion

Chestnut Cosmetics introduces a new selfbrowningslotion : Chestnut Instant Bronzing Lotion, a selftanner entirely on natural basis.
With the selfbrowner you will be able to get a tan without exposing yourself to the UV rays of the sun or sunbed. Perfectly brown without the sun.
The selfbrowningslotion is made of chestnut extracrs and is easy to use. In contrast with other selftanners, this selftanner has the texture of a lotion.
Because of this composition the selfbrowner soakes in quick, you will have a tan quick and will almost immidiately be able to apply your make-up.
This selftanningslotion is tested dematologicly, is suitable fot men as for women and is easy to remove with water. The selftanningslotion  doesn't blemish and doesn't stain. Within 10 seconds you will have a shining, healty and equal brown tan. Do you also want a quick goldenbrown ? Discover now for only 19,95 euro the Chestnut Instant Bronzing Lotion from Chestnut Cosmetics and be beautifully brown without the sun.